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Pulse is a MOD for Half-Life 1. Pulse takes place in Black Mesa after the incident. You are famous scientist Gordon Freeman. In the beginning of Pulse, you are in Surface Lab A Security Complex, a lab and security station on the absolute surface of the Black Mesa Research Facility. You are working with your scientist pals when one scientist working with a hazardous radiation meter detects high radiation amounts coming from all over. They radio into the Administrator's office, the office of Dr. Wallace Breen. Instead of Breen answering, they pick up a remote conversation between Breen and an unknown voice. "It's done," Breen said. "The xenian crystal triggered a dementional rift between Earth and the boarderworld Xen. Now let's get to the surface!" "I'm sure my employers will be pleased," says the unknown voice, and then silence fills the room followed by an explosion. The other scientists are amazed that the Administrator of Black Mesa himself would work with someone to trigger such a disaster and are trying to turn Breen into the Special Projects Executive, the overseers of the Black Mesa Research Facility. The only way to get the S.P.E. to believe them is to get Dr. Breen's special operations profile from his office and hand it over to the S.P.E. as evidence. The scientists, however, are terrified of entering Black Mesa after a resonance cascade saying it is too dangerous. Gordon Freeman volunteers to go into Black Mesa, retrieve Breen's Administrative profile and bring him to justice.

This MOD suggests that Gina Cross was the one to push the xenian crystal into the anti-mass spectrometer and Gordon was not near Sector C at the time. Surface Lab A Security Complex is located on the surface of Sector D.

The scientists detect that Breen's Administrative profile is located in the Lambda Complex so your goal as Gordon Freeman is to get the Lambda Complex and retrieve Breen's profile and make it back to Surface Lab A alive.

Author: legohalflife2man

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