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Resident Evil : Cold is a co-operative modification built on the Half Life engine. Set in the Resident Evil universe, players will have to battle with not just their limited weapons, but their wits too if they wish to survive in the virus infested streets of Raccoon City. Players will encounter all the favorites from the Resident Evil monster database while utilizing a wonderful array of weapons. From Golf Clubs to M202A1 Rocket Launchers, the survivors will battle furiously to live on for another day in the most grueling fight of their lives.

# Change Log
- Iron sights
- Twenty Three weapons
- Eighteen unique monsters
- 8 playable characters, each with their own stats and abilities
- Minigame modes – Play as a Crimson Head and hunt down your friends!
- Fifteen maps – More coming VERY soon!
- Enhanced monster animations
- Enhanced monster AI
- Enhanced monster visuals
- Command menu for performing various actions, such as using a first aid spray, mixing some herbs or applying a bandage

Resident Evil 4 style over-the-shoulder camera, complete with crosshair, with the ability to seamlessly switch between first and third person at the touch of a button ingame

Watch out for monsters – clawed nasties can slice your head off, while players watch your detached head roll across the floor

Extended ab-lib commands – Tell players you need ammo, health or simply give your opinion on whether or not the army should have arrived by now

Tap your “struggle” key to push those nasty grabbing zombies off of you, and Improved visuals and technical design

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