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Master Sword: Continued 1.1 is an expansion on the existing MSC world, there are many new and redone maps, loads of bugs fixed, and a TON of new content in the form of new monsters, spells, weapons, and various items. And the best part, there is new content coming every month!

Characters are saved between servers on a central server called FuzNet. Since they are stored on a central server which takes backups four times a day, your character can be restored to a previous date if you encounter problems with it. Please note that this central server has now been locked, due to an increasing ammount of people abusing the ability to play on hidden servers. Only official servers and trusted members of the community will be given the password. You will still be able to connect to FuzNet! You only need this password to host a server of your own.

Important places -

Please tell me if i've forgotten you or someone you know on the following lists.

Full team listing -

* Thothie
* Evaan
* Orochi [inactive]
* Jester [inactive]
* Gaz
* Kuroneko
* J-Mv2.5.5 [inactive]
* Crow
* Gurluas
* Lanethan
* Avoozl [MIA]
* P|Barnum
* Ceriux
* evil squirrel
* Hummingbird
* The Man In Black
* Shuriken

Original Team

* Con artist
* Dogg
* dRKill
* Ewok
* Kuroneko
* Lanethan
* mrfranswa
* Mulciber
* wnn
* Father_Brandon
* l0stman
* Shizo
* Evaan

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