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This is a singleplayer mod for Half-Life, powered with the Half-Life FX Engine. It demonstrates a lot of its new features. To enjoy new cutting-edge graphics, you need a fast processor and a graphic card with at least Pixel Shader 2.0 support. However you can play this mod on low-end configurations after disabling some special effects. You can already take a look over the Demo version.

An agent in a brand-new suit, the mysterious G-Man, gives you an offer you cannot reject. You understand it well, and accept the offer... The game starts in the same place Half-Life ends. You will visit the underground complex of the secret Black Mesa laboratory again, to put an end to the consequences of the fatal experiment. We won't reveal the complete story line, but give you a hint that Black Mesa is not the only place to be visited - you will find yourself in other picturesque locations.

First of all, the mod demonstrates the best graphics for GoldSrc engine you ever seen. Here is a list of features far from being full:

- Static diffuse and specular (PS2.0 only) bump-mapping
- Dynamic bump-mapping (PS2.0 only) for flashlight
- Parallax mapping (PS2.0 only)
- Shader script system (a la Quake3)
- Water with reflections and refractions
- Projective soft shadows
- Volumetric fog
- Mirrors
- Projective flashlight
- Hi-resolution decals
- Detail textures
- Post-process effects, motion blur, light bloom
- Lens flare, heat haze
- Particle systems
- Anisotropic texture filtering
- And even more...

There are also some game play features, e.g. keypads, and virtual physics for weapons, items and decoration. In general, mod proposes to keep the original Half-Life atmosphere, to plunge you into it again, after nine years.

There is an intro and one full game level, where you will fight the soldiers, solve a couple of problems in the Half-Life style and even open the keypads with previously found key codes. Some graphic features where not used and therefore cut away (parallax mapping, volumetric fog). However in the full version of HLFX: Single we plan to use them.

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