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Hell! Why me? I got a mission .. to teleport to aother place. The Teleporter was still under test, why me? I teleported me, and i just can't believed why i did it. Now, ... the teleport was failed and i am very other. Well, ... the place looked very weired and i wanted to go out of there, the Hell. Why me? And, i did it and i am still alive. I was still alive ...


"Other World" is a Puzzle mod like maybe never before for Half-Life by DennisG50 and Seronic (my friend). The Question on this game: "Have you enough skills to get out of the hell.. or hole?" The Answer ... you have to find out yourself. The Problem is, it's a very long game and you will hate it. I swear! Other World has own Textures and sound files. Multiplayer is allowed AND, can you believe it? 85 Levels will coming on 8 Worlds! -Coming March 2008 (?)


Every Levels has keys. Take all of the keys on the levels and go to the exit for visiting the next Level, and don't be trapped or don't fall from the level or ... like never before? Well, When you did all of the levels, you are on a new world with new surprise.

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