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Author: illogic

It is 2001. A small group of government scientists operating out of top-secret laboratories in the NORAD military base in Colorado discover that propulsed ions, under the right conditions, generate massive amounts of energy. However, during one of the tests, something goes terribly wrong, and a massive explosion decimates NORAD and 200 miles of surrounding wilderness. Chemical interactions between the soil and the research materials burn the surface of the damaged area deep red. The mountains become known as the Redlands and NORAD is closed. The government, fearing that it might not be able to sufficiently contain this new energy source turns to a small upstart company called Nautilus Industries (NI). NI discovers a way to safely harness and control propulsed ion energy through the use of a new technology called "hydronics". NI's innovations popularize the use of ion energy in everything from homes to vehicles.

In 2005, NI develops the Single-Cockpit Ram Air Military Jet (Scramjet) in 2005 and modifies it to use its new ion-driven engine. NI scientists begin to understand and implement propulsed ion physics more efficiently. New vehicles are designed for orbital exploration and patrol duty. These craft would use energy obtained from propulsed ion particles in order to get the different pieces of the International Space Station into orbit more quickly than the conventional space shuttle. Billions of dollars are funneled to NI to subsidize propulsed ionic energy and its other uses.

It is now 2010 and the Scramjet, International Space Station, and ionic energy research programs are sending the national debt spiraling out of control. NI, through massive federal funding, has become the primary defense contractor, researching and building vehicles, weapons, and equipment for the United States military. NI recognizes that the U.S. is in financial difficulties and proposes that it be given a temporary contract to be the sole contractor for weapons, vehicles, and combat equipment. NI uses its massive economic and political influence to get the contract passed unopposed by Congress. The derelict NORAD defense facility and its surrounding property are sold to NI as a base of operations and renovations begin. To attempt to keep some level of control over NI, the National Policing Supply Network (NPSN) is created. This network is made up of the top defense and security companies who serve as a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one company is supplying all of the items to the military and state police.

2015: the former NORAD defense facility has been completely renovated and is now fully operational. NI codenames the facility "Avalon" and begins using it as a base of operations. They also begin buying out NPSN member-companies that have been awarded major defense or military contracts. However, the U.S. military is unable to support an embargo against NI because they have become too reliant on their products. Many of the state and local governments receive massive subsidies from NI as well, and are unwilling to move against them. NI changes its name to the Private Sector (PS), while retaining the trademark Nautilus Industries name for its energy, mining, and weapons divisions. Through the use of bribery and blackmail, the Private Sector gains contracts to staff and equip state police forces across the country, securing their stranglehold on national security.

It is now 2017. The Private Sector has become a juggernaut of politics as well as business and it is impossible to slow their progress. They have engulfed the entire NPSN, and are in control of national, state, and local defense and security. Negotiations to curb their power begin, and anxious legislation is put in place to stop them, but to no avail.

On May 12, 2022, the Private Sector officially closes negotiations and declares that it is a world power; Avalon is now the capital of New America. Many of the more powerful vice presidents of the Private Sector receive dubious nominations into various political positions, and run unopposed to preside over state and federal government offices.

The few state, federal, and military officials who have not been swayed by the Private Sector's gifts of money and power have come together to find a means of halting the destruction of America. A plan for a special task force and a nearly invincible headquarters located deep beneath the old Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. is proposed and supported unanimously.

It has been three years since the establishment of New America, and justice and honor are no more. The Private Sector gave industry VPs the power to take the principalities and run them as the Private Sector sees fit. The Private Sector troops (PS Troopers) are corrupt and crimes such as rape and murder go unpunished. Something must be done.

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