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Author: Trigun182

Farmers from all across America have joined the fight of the, Farmer Deathmatch. Including you! Grab a chicken launcher and get into the fight! Shoot a chicken grenade from your 9mmAR! Fist fight with another farmer! Like I said before, grab your chicken launcher, and get in the fight of, The Farmer Deathmatch: Farmer's Adventure.

This mod was not meant to be the greatest, but just a simple mod thats for fun.

Will Include:

*New Hud
*New models
*New sounds
*New weapon origins
More to come...

01/14/07 -

Fixed sprites and added a couple of models.

01/19/07 -

The next media release is when beta 1 is released, its coming closer...

05/30/07 -

Beta 1 is here! Just waiting for the download approval from ModdB!

Current maps for mod:


04/27/08 -

And friend and I have decided to open the mod back up, and we are going to develop a single player story!

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