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Author: Masterbee
Official Site:

Zombie-X Half-Life Mod 1.0 final.
A Small singleplayer Mod.

Some information:

New Code.
New Models.
New Maps.
New Weapons.
New Sounds.
New Mosters.
High Poly Models.

Unfortunate wards the project Zombie x is stopped!
Those remained unfortunately also story on the distance.

Game Mode:

- Minimum requirements

Windows 98
Pentium III, 500-800 MHz
128 MB RAM
Direct 3D or Open-GL diagram map with 64 MB at least.

- A normal condition

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
Pentium III, 800-1.2 GHz
512 MT RAM

- An optimal condition

Windows XP + current drivers
Pentium III/IV, 1.2-2 GHz or faster.
512 MB RAM
Open GL diagram map with 128 MB.

Expasion Pack:
Zombie-X Dynamic Lightning Edition.

Updated Code.
Add & Updated Models.
Updated Maps.
Add New Weapons&attacks.
Updated Sounds.
Add New Mosters.
New Effects.
Server Version Add.
"Bumpmap Support"
"CG Shaders"

Expansion the luggage will have an extended Singeplayer. Zombie x 1,0 final is replaced from that dynamic Lightning edition. It will only give as completely version and not as Patch/Upgrade.
Here is last version of Zombie-X. "Zombie-X Dynamic Lighting Editon (Beta 6) + Source Code"

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