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Author: Peppyfool

Todesangst (pronounced TOH-dess-ahngst) is a German word that literaly means fear of death, but is usually translated as meaning terror or dread. Todesangst introduces the new sinister character Dr. Jack Newell, expert chaos theory mathematician and Director of Black Mesa R&D. Gordon Freeman and Dr. Newell have always had an adversarial relationship at best, and Gordon's hero status following the containment of Xen only served to inflame Dr. Newell's hatred and jealousy of him.

The timeframe for Todesangst is set shortly after Gordon Freeman's successful return from Xen. The episode opens with a cut-scene of Mr. Blackstone (a.k.a. the G-man) arriving at Dr. Newell's office. As we soon discover, Dr. Newell has had Mr. Blackstone in his control all along, and has his own intentions for the exploitation of Xen's biological uniqueness. . .

Its up to you, Gordon, to stop your evil colleague from unleashing the horror of Xen on humanity. . . if its not too late. . .

Some of the significant features of Todesangst include:

* Introductory and intermission cut-scenes, which enrich the plot progression of the episode
* Extensive use of scripted sequences for character interactions
* New character voiceovers and face textures
* Useable heavy weapons including a tank rocket launcher and double barrel gatling gun
* Multiple component entities (ie: elevators with moveable doors and grate floors you can see through)
* No jumping or arcade style puzzles to detract from the game flow

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