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Author: FPDream Software

Scientist SlauterHouse: Mod Messup #1 - WTF

..(or shortened to SSH:MM1:WTF) is a crazy spin-off of the classic Scientist Slauterhouse that brings you back into Black Mesa, but as a different character with a different role.
If the name of this mod doesn't make it plain obvious, this mod is completely 100% WTF. It combines the crazy, the scary, the funny, and the disturbing into ONE BIG FAT waste of time. You'll laugh, you'll cry.. this mod has it ALL! (lol, just kidding :P)
Instead of taking off from some of SSH's storyline, this mod completely goes a different way which just plainly F***'s up Half-Life.
This mod was originally intended to be part of a series of 'Mod Messups' that leach onto other mods and ruin them with 'LOL' stuff, but when I think about it... one is enough. XD
R-Matt999 recently dropped from this project, and is working on Plasma and some other of his 'less crazy' works.. So its just me now :P
As you all knew, this mod used to be dead (EVERYBODY BLAME RMATT!! >:| jk) and I now decide to put it back into order, this mod is only beta and it probably has a few more versions to go before end of development. PLZ no more n00bish questions like "Hwo do i dawolnl0d ti//?/", those really get annoying. The download should be in the mod's "downloads" section or whatever.

WARNING!!: This mod contains content that some people may find offensive.. such AS: extreme violence, constant swearing (use of teh 'F' bombs), and excessive sexual themes. If you cannot handle any of those... (I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!) do NOT download this mod. If you do download this mod and you do get offended by well, anything, PLEASE save your horrible bitch bitch BITCH-ing for some other mod so you don't ruin it for the people who DO (or will) enjoy this mod.

Creators: The Afro-Man, R-Matt999 (used to be :P)
THEE HALF-LIFE COMMUNITY! :o (too many ppl to list)

[Teh Afro-Man]
Zeh Mod's (new) Lead Creator

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