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Author: DevEd - Independent Game Development

Originally started as a map-pack, the project outgrew itself and started a new life, a stand-alone mod. The action adventure (with RPG elements) takes place in the fantasy world of Loria, a human kingdom besieged by conflict with the Orcs. A group of heroes, which includes you, is being cast down by the all-seeing-eye to save humanity once again. Travel alone or with your friends in co-operative mode through the rich and colourful world of Loria and end the Orcs' evil reign.

Land of Legends uses a Sven Co-op 3.0 code base, but replaces all origional content, surpassing SC's original customisability. Our model and mapping style ranges from toony to semi-realistic. We're trying to build a living and colourful world for the player to be in. This MOD is being developed since 2005 by a small team of developers called DevEd.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why are you using Sven Co-op 3.0 for this mod?
We've had plans to make a stand-a-lone version of the game, but because none of the team members is a pro at coding, we had to find a base we were experienced with and that offered us the ability to use custom content. Next to that, we love co-operative play! We're currently using 3.0 because 4.0B still has some issues. We are waiting for the Sven Co-op Team to fix these problems before we'll be switching over.

What size is Legends?
We currently have 13 unique maps in development following the main story and filled with sub-quests, puzzles and battles.

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