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The main source of inspiration for this mod was Diablo (I & II) and also Dungeon Siege for the XP system, but we also got our own ideas don't worry.

The main purpose of this game is to collect experience, by fighting and doing quests, to have your character progress.
-You will progress in a medieval/fantastic world, where death and monsters are everywhere.
-You'll have to fights quantities of monsters, undeads and Demons.
-You will travel throught 4 acts, each one with is own environnement, city, climate and of course opponents.
-In your amazing quests to defeat Devil, you will be able to use weapons such sword, axes, bow, which can be magical, but you'll also be able to cast spells like fireball or manashield.

We've had some improvement to the Diablo concept (you will never see a dead bat dropping a full Armor ;-) ), we use a XP system closer to Dungeon Siege, where your behaviour determine your class and the evolution of your carac...

What the mod will give you, a big quest through 4 acts in different environments with smaller quests in each, thousands of weapons thanks to our magical weapon generator, unique weapon's and objects, lot's of monsters (all new) with variants and boss and maybe more in the future :-)

The mod features new technologies like MIA which controlls the monsters behavior and movement, and the RDS system which controlls what the monsters drops.

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