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Over Ground is a french mod (So please excuse me for my bad english :redface:) in which you're a sort of terminator with a jetpack. You've very powerfull weapons in order to kill your enemies :rambo:

Ok, the gamerules :

- Team DeathMatch : No problem i think
- Course : A little race w/ your jetpack
- Assault : Like in Unreal Tournament, one team attack and has to "capture" the base of the other team
- War : Probably the best, it's in fact a assault in which each team has to attack the other and defend at the same time
- Capture The Flag : Like in Quake III Arena

In our mod (Yeah i'm not alone 8)) we don't look for "realism" like Counter-Strike or FireArms, we look for fun before all !

Enjoy :dead:

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