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About MechMod

MechMod is a total conversion of the Half-Life 2 engine and is based on Mecha or Mechs. We have already released a primary Alpha 1.0 version of the mod, which was based on mechs taken from the Gundam and Macross/Robotech series. Alpha 1.0 was a 'test' release which the team put together while waiting for Half-Life 2 to go public, and the Alpha is also considered as a stepping stone towards something much bigger.

MechMod stresses the importance of strategy, player reflexes, and teamplay all put together. Whether you want to play fast-paced and go on the offensive, or whether you want to take it easy and concentrate on building up your defenses - MechMod has all the options available for you. The player has the ability to pick from different classes of mechs and customize them to his/her needs and desires. The customization will not only affect the aesthetics of your mech, but also the feel and usage of it. You may support your team by building structures and turrets as a builder mech, you may find enemy locations or set traps as a scout mech, you may be an asset to the team as an assault mech, or you may go all out on the offensive with a heavy mech. MechMod has been developed to allow the player to take control and take the game in the direction that he/she wants to. The mod also offers different types of game play modes, to help cater to those who might not necessarily want to play strategically, and simply want to crush some metal!

Join The Community

Join up on our forums if you wish to suggest something or have queries/questions and be a part of our community, which we hope grows into a big one someday. You can also join our IRC Channel for direct correspondence with the team or simply to 'hang out' with fellow fans. We encourage our fans from being active participants of IRC and the forums, since we usually pick playtesters and forum staff internally.

We hope you enjoy your experience with MechMod!
- MechMod Team

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