Mod: Night at the Office 1.3
You are an administration assistant working for a courier company called 'Parcel Passages' in their High-rise headquarters office building.
  File Name: nato_v1.3.exe     Author: mr_greenfish
  File Size: 35.39 MB   Files Added: 1
  Downloads: 3,824 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 3,824 (1 last week)
  Posted: 09.02.2010   Supporters: 1 (+1 Add)
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By Kampy (SI Veteran Member) on May 13, 2010
That was a really well designed scenario with lots of details! (btw did you really make the pistol model? Im sure Ive seen that before) Great story and a few options how to go through it. You can though get stuck at a few times so save your game.
By Theevilone (SI Newbie) on Nov 20, 2010
The pistol model is from the half life HD pack...
Good game! Short, but worth playing. Nice character modelling, though voicing sounds like you had a cold...
By SuperSonic (I just got here) on Apr 15, 2011
hi how i can turn on the flashlight?