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Operation: Firesweep (OFS) is a new upcoming mod for Half-Life. The mod will feature a single player campaign and (maybe) multiplayer capabilities. The player will take on the role of a soldier fighting in the large Black Mesa Research Facility during the same incident Gordon Freeman experienced in Half-Life.

Operation: Firesweep will contain many new skins and models. We plan to have at least twenty different Army Marine skins, as well as a large amount of new scientist skins. Our plan is to bring Black Mesa alive around the player, and to show the many walks of life in the facility, from Janitor to Driver to scientist.

Operation: Firesweep will bring a totally new single player campaign to bring the experience that the soldiers in Black Mesa experienced. Plus: You will have to train in Boot Camp before you can go into the field. It will also feature new weapons along with new weapons code that will allow for single and automatic modes on some weapons.

Operation: Firesweep will have very high standards of gameplay and alot of time will be put into it. A demo has been released and the scheduled release date for the complete mod is Winter 2004. Check back regularly for updates.

Update: This mod is dead, check out it's HL2 spinoff, got to for more details!

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