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Who And When
"The Trenches" is a World War I mod for the Half-Life engine. Included in our first release are the British and Germans, two large players of the "Great War". Players will be able to fight for their homelands with six different weapons on many locations on the Western Front with two different kinds of gameplay.

Game Play
Rush over the top with your teammates or stay in your trench to pick off enemy troops in "Trench Capture" gameplay (tt) and cover the advance of your army to in territorial push (tp) play.

Special Features
The Trenches will have some features that will make this an even more unique mod than it already is. Some of these features (for the first release) include:

-Custom Faces (no additional files needed!)
-Built in MP3 Player with Exclusive Tracks
-Realistic ambient sound system
-Two classes for the Germans and British Imperial Forces
-Manual "game action" system
-High damage variables
-Anti-"Cheap" measures against spawn camping, absurd weapon reload times, ect.

Multi-Country Team Select
You can choose from 6 countries that were involved in the First World War. Only two will be available in the first release, but we do plan on more.

Allied Forces:
British Empire

Central Powers:

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