Mod: Timeline (Part II)
You are Gordon Freeman reluctantly employed by a mysterious organization as a troubleshooter. You are contacted by the Man in Blue. He seems strangely worried; something has ruffled his normally impenetrable character. "Mr Freeman, we need your help urge
  File Name: timeline-2.exe     Author: RossSmith
  File Size: 19.90 MB   Files Added: 3
  Downloads: 2,093 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 7,457 (3 last week)
  Posted: 11.02.2010   Supporters: 5 (+1 Add)
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By Theevilone (SI Newbie) on Sep 26, 2010
Sorry, this is the best mod for half life. It's better than all official and non official ones. It's well made, I don't think i'll ever get bored of this..