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- Other World -
- Other World - is a puzzle mod for Half-Life. It's playing outside earth, .. maybe. I don't know.
70 Levels on 7 Worlds. This mod is like a mappack, but i still call it as mod. ;)

- The GamePlay -
Every Levels has key(s). Take all of the keys on the levels and go to the exit for entering the next Level.
Do not be trapped or fall from the level. The Gameplay will change by the time with new stuffs.

- The Ideas -
We thought hard to get some and cool Ideas for this. You can read on the Readme.txt who created the level
where you currently are. Got you a idea? Sure you have one :3 Maybe are the ideas just only ... amazing

Developent Status (Wanna know everything?):
Steam Community:
Other World Board:

- DennisG50 = Founder -
- Seronic = Level-Creator and Tester -
- woshiqu2008 = Tester -
- SkyHunter = Tester -

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