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This mod is based on a classical mod called "PS07", which was made by Raxel. With Raxel's permission (the creator of PS07) we are bringing this mod back. Basically this is a multiplayer mod that adds alot of ideas into HL. PS07 will introduce alot of new weapons, items, gameplays and features. All the features (including weapons, items, gameplays and so on) will work on 99.9% of the HL DM maps. Also note,this mod is not based on realistic features such as in Counter Strike, or any other realistic type mod or game. NOTE: We have permission from valve to use models from TFC, OP4 and DMC. We also have permission to use models from other modelers.


Over 50 well-balanced, unique weapons, remember every weapon has some unique feature.

Balanced gameplay, such Assasination, 4 way TMDM , Freeze tag, Godzilla Tag, Fugitive Tag, Train Tag, Arena, Old School CTF, No Base CTF, Old School Domination, Random Domination and more......

All tweaks customized by server. You can turn all tweaks off to play original HL DM.

Original HL maps & models support. You don't need custom maps to play PS07 MOD. Weapons respawn alternatively. And you can use your old player models(unlike some of other mods)

1) New Pain and Death Sounds

2) Mutator System, over a dozen Mutators like in UT.

3) Gibbable corpses (like Q3)

4) Bot Support, thnx to botman.

5) Client Side Effects for everything.

6) Advanced Spectating

7) Feign Death like in TFC

8} 4 Types Of Power Ups (Quad, Regen, Invis, Invul)

9) Max Health is 100, but with certain items it can go up to 200, but slowy decrease.

10) Advancted Turret System that will make TFCs look like nothing.

11) Alot of new items, such as MegaHealth, MegaBattery, JetPack, PowerUps, and more.

12) New Commands to make life easier

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Thanks go out to the following people/groups of people:

Raxel For Making Ps07 Posible......
Valve SoftWare, for creating HL.
Gearbox, for creating OpFor.
The people at Wavelength.
The old ps07 gang for supporting the new ps07.

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