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Half-Life 2 picks up some time after the original Half-Life left off - with Gordon working for the G-Man - and takes place in and around an eastern European-type city called City 17.

Available on: PC, Xbox PC Rank: 107 / 5,834  | Overall Rank: 108 / 14,226

Game tags: Realistic, First-Person, Medium Blood, Futuristic

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Half-Life 2 Screenshot
Half-Life 2 Screenshot
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Valve has "crowd-sourced supervision" of decisions, f... (1)
Why no Half-Life XVIII by now? Gabe Newell has commented a little on why they don't just churn out Half-Life sequels, much to the dismay of many, as they decided to tackle multiplayer games instead.

This was when there had "never been a commercial successful multiplayer game" before, yet they went for it. They also had plenty of insiders doubtful of Steam, future overlord of PC gaming.
Posted: 06.01.2014 by Technet2k
Valve to reveal next week the studio's plans for Linu... (3)
Gabe Newell during his presentation at LinuxCon in New Orleans has said Valve will be unveiling their plans for Linux-based hardware soon, as the studio boss cried Linux was the "future of gaming".

Next week they'll discuss their open source platform based on the OS, promising that "none of the proprietary closed platforms" will come close to their dreams.
Posted: 17.09.2013 by Technet2k
PC version of Minecraft passes 12M sales (0)
The PC version of Minecraft has passed 12M units sold, passing the sales figures of such classic games as Half-Life, Battlefield 2 and Starcraft.
Posted: 03.09.2013 by JonahFalcon
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