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TITLE: Synergy map - syn_stadium_rm
AUTHOR: Remonttimies

You must have Synergy mod installed. Download it from here:
Extract the maps-folder to SteamApps/SourceMods/synergy/
All the custom textures and 1 model is packed into the map-file.
Map config-file and the class-file is included in the zip-file.

This is a remake of Sven Coop map: stadium3 made by Sven Viking and a Synergy version of tc_stadium_rm.
There is no goal in this map, you just have to have fun.

In this map you can fight with friendly (green) monsters agaist the enemy's team (normally coloured) in the stadium or you can just watch them fighting.
You can decide the teams or just fill them randomly.
The stadium can be modified with different sceneries and with water for example.

This map supports HDR and uses many Synergy's features such as map config-file, player classes and new weapons and enemies.

It's really helpful to check the info-room in game.

Original map 'stadium3' for Sven Coop was made by Sven Viking.
Thanks to everyone in the forums for helping with mapping.
And thanks to everyone in the Synergy forums for helping me with Synergy and giving feedback.

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