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Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
TITLE: HL2MP Map - Pure Deathmatch Map v.2.0

FILENAME: dm_pdm20.bsp
DATE RELEASED: 28 March 2007

CREDITS: Created by: VashPL. Testing by: [NtC]OzimPL, T-Bag, Fat_Bastard, SauronGOD, Seeavy.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy file "dm_pdm20.bsp" to your HL2DM "maps" folder, for example: X(your hard drive letter):Program FilesSteamsteamapps[your name]half-life 2 deathmatchhl2mpmaps.

DESCRIPTION: There were so many changes on this map, so it is not a beta version anymore, but final release. And again there are two buildings - one is with sniper's nest. *Added: lots of wrecked cars, LOTS of exploding barrels and more. Just check it yourself.

BUGS: Fixed bugs: you will not stuck on ladders anymore.

COMMENTS: If you discover any bugs, just let me know: I'm from Poland so I'm sorry for bad english if there were any.

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