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This is the complete set of finalists for the Iron Grip mapping competition.

To install, place the included folder in your C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsSourceModsIronGrip directory.

Included, are:

IG_Deportation (by David) - A modern cityscape with a wide main street as the centerpiece. Resistance would be wise to make use of the back alleys and rooftop accesses to avoid discovery by Rahmos forces.

IG_Dreadnought (by Monkfish) - Resistance fighters have been let into a Rahmos naval shipyard where a battleship is nearing completion. Rahmos forces deploying from a bunker nearby must prevent the shipyard from being overrun.

IG_Durus (byt irreal) - Dissidents in scenic downtown Mercos, upon hearing of the brutal suppression of their fellow citizens, have taken to the streets in protest. Rahmos forces arriving by train will soon put a deadly stop to their nonsense.

IG_Enmity (by Bhones) - Disenfranchised industrial workers, fed up with Rahmos demands, have staged a strike at the tank factory. Rahmos has arrived at the nearby station to get production back on schedule at bayonette point.

IG_Lucid (by FRITZ) - After the local Rahmos officer was brutally tortured and hung by the citizens of this war-torn border town, a contingent of crack Rahmos troops have been dispatched to follow up on a reprisal shelling by dreadnought airships.

IG_Karthos (by Madgamer) - A small town in northern Kathos has been used as a waystation by Rahmos forces on their way to trouble spots. Locals, tired of the damage done by undisciplined Rahmos troops, have finally decided to fight back.

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