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Half-Life 2: Gmod
TITLE: WWE Raw Arena
AUTHOR: chrispy212

FILENAME: RawArena_100507.bsp
FILESIZE: 19.8 Mb (Uncompressed)

Maps and materials folder goes in [moddir e.g. gmod9].
If you have the Kane, Edge or DX theme music, these can be used in game via various triggers by putting them in the [moddir e.g. gmod9]/sound/ambient/raw and naming them
WWE DX Theme Music.wav
WWE Theme Songs - Kane.mp3

OK, this is a slightly unfinished but overall tidied version of a map I have been working on/off on for months now.
It is based on the WWE Raw set, and I used another arena map for the base, but Im not sure who the author was or what it was called, I started this ages ago. If your the author, please tell me so I ca credit you!
This has loads of little easter eggs, a few of which are listed below

o Can climb on top of titan-tron via girders at side
o Entering the ring via the entrance tirggers 'Kane's entrance', and if a wav is placed in the right place, will play his entrance music too [see readme]
o Upon reaching ring, after a few seconds, flames shoot from the turnbuckles
o Stepping backward in the ring activates Edge's entrance, which is complete with walking Barney!
o Lighting can be controlled either backstage by my personal testing tech board which is quite frankly confusing as hell, or via an in-development tech area to the right hand side of the ring
o Sounds can also be controlled from these boards, but its a little buggy
o The cage (cell) can be lowered and raised by lifting the left hand monitor on the left hand commentator desk. There's a button somewhere as well, but I kinda lost it (it's a while since I worked on this map!)
o The crowd can be made to appear/disappear by pressing use on the supports of the left hand tech area desk
o Pressing the red button backstage disables the automated kane entrance
o Pressing the blue button backstage enables an automated edge entrance
o Pressing the blue button with a warning 'kills edge' (Kinda pointless, was something I needed during testing)
o Shooting the tron makes it shatter and break

Most of the stuff can be changed by experimenting with the enviroment.

I plan to update and improve this map in the near future, I just need a little more time. Suggestions welcome.

OK, well enjoy.

And by the way, I myself am not a wrestling fan, so don't blame me for inconsitensies/innacuracies with real WWE. My brother was playing some WWE game once and I was wondering how that arena would look rendered in source. Granted, the project progressed a little from there!

And I don't think I'm infringing on copyright. As far as I know, so long as its non-profit, organisations don't bat an eyelid. Still, I left the entrance music out just in case. See the readme for how to restore it.

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