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Name: ZombieMissions
Game: Half-Life 2
GameType: Single Player
Requirements: Half-Life 2
Author: The Ugly War Chief
Developer: The Ugly War Chief
Map Statis: Completed
Difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Advanced, Extream, OMG Hard, OMG WTF?, Goreful.
Version: 1.0


1. Extract all .BSP files into E:\Steam\SteamApps\steamaccount\half-life 2\hl2\maps
2. Load up Half-Life 2
3. Select Easy Options menu.
4. Open console and type in: map zm_map1
5. Hit Enter on the keyboard and have fun.

How good are you with the gravity gun? In this map there are 8 difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard, Advanced, Extream, OMG Hard, OMG WTF?, Goreful), in each difficulty there are different changes to the map which are described at the bottom of the screen when you load up that difficulty. The .zip file has also come with a "fun" map which was made just for mucking around and having fun while killing zombies instead of dying all the time :D.

To play the fun map, go into console and type in: "map zm_fun" without the quotes.


This map has not been compiled with HDR to reduce further lag for mass carnage.
The damage is only directed to the normal zombies, not the fast zombies or headcrabs.

No changes for this version.
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You will get a reply ASAP.


Q: Whats so fun about the Fun map?
A: The fun map has buttons which give you every gun and 3 buttons beside each other to give you
ammo for each gun EXCEPT the frag grenade, also the gravity gun has extra force which increases
the strength of which the gravity gun can fire; lastly the zombies and headcrabs deal 0 damage
to you so you don't have to turn on godmode unless you want to blast them with grenades at close

Q: Why are there 3 buttons for ammo?
A: Each button has a 1 second delay before you can press it so you can press each button and get
ammo one after the other instead of waiting 1 second to get ammo.

Q: What are the changes in each difficulty?
A: Easy: 25 Damage
Medium: 50 Damage
Hard: 75 Damage
Advanced: Slower Sprinting Speed and 2 times more zombies in a map.
Extream: Zombies have an extra 2 times health.
Omg Hard: HealthKit's and Batteries give less regeneration.
Omg WTF?: HeadCrabs are an instant kill to the player
Goreful: The Gravity's gun has less force when fireing

Q: Do these all stack up?
A: Yes.

Q: Why don't you add in HDR and add in more detail to make it more fun?
A: Some people's computer are not that powerful to handle huge detailed maps and HDR
so i only added very little detail; also to reduce the size of the download.

Q: I got up to the second switch on Goreful but i can't hit the switch with any objects?
A: Thats not a question

Q: Well how do i hit the second switch on Goreful?
A: Stack up the boxes on the table, jump and fire and you should hit the switch.

Special Thanks To:
Alejandro's Mapping Center members
Geoffrey van Djke

Last released map:
Half Life: Black Mesa SP;79074

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