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These are various mapadd modify scripts for Obsidian Conflict for more info.


*Halflife2 Episode 1 fully playable Mapadd scripts (to play Episode 1 with Obsidian Conflict). Created by Gandorques Hikla

*hls_ep1_hl2_mapselect (a modify.txt that changes Zteers Map select so all Ep1 and HL:s and HL2 maps are selectable). Created by Gandorques Hikla

*css_militia Mapadd script (to play css_militia modified to play with Obsidian Conflict) Created by Gandorques Hikla

*coop_swampthing_v3 and coop_wardogs_v3 Mapadd scripts (to play these popular coop maps with Obsidian Conflict) Created by W0rf0x

*map_select_v2 Also I have included Zteers map_select_v2 which is a map with its modify text configured correctly serves as a map/levelselect within the game that can be run on servers and custom maps added to the modify.txt.This is already included in the mod if you have v1.23 of Obsidian Conflict, but I added in case you need/wanted it. Created by Zteer

Want to create your own mapadd scripts for obsidian?

I've also included a link to the original tutorial thread made by skidz on the basics of creating mapadds for Obsidian Conflict and I've put the tutorial into a word pad document aswell

see: for The original forum thread.

And I have included oc_modify_generator001which is a program made by Zteer to easily make your own cutom mapadds by comparing the changes made between to vmf files (the original and a a decompiled copy of the original).

Some may require the relevant content to be mounted for the client or the server within the games 'mod options' for them to work. And also the relevant map files. You can find the two coop_swampthing and coop_wardogs maps included in the Obsidian Community Mapapck1

see for more info:

Or to download:;7817602;;/fileinfo.html

Hopefully you'll have ago at creating your own mapadd scripts be sure to drop by the obsidian forums and share them with the community ;)

Thanks to:

Obsidian Conflict team

Community and forums

Content creators:

W0rf0x for the coop_swampthing and coop_wardogs mapadds

Gandorques Hikla for the Hl2 Episode 1 mapadds, cs_militia mapadd and hls_ep1_hl2_mapselect modify

Zteer for map_select_v2 and oc_modify_generator001program

Skidz for the tutorial and for him and Hyperjag3 making all this possible.

compiled by


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