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Rocket Jump - Shiro Obi
Author: John "CowNaetion" Petricini
AIM: CowNaetion

Thanks to everyone on the FF team for their
time on making the mod and helping everyone
out in the process.

Difficulty - Easy

Obviously as titled, map designed for the
Soldier class. However, the Scout/Medic and
Demoman classes are available as well for
anyone who is bored or looking for something
to do while playing with others. Have not
tested the map with these classes so I do
not know if all jumps are possible but due
to the difficulty level of the map they
should all be possible (in theory). Two
more to follow in the series, difficulty
increasing obviously. Check the site for
a demo of a run-through for help.

For Any Questions:

AIM: CowNaetion
ICQ: 13765693
Y!: murderball_inc

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