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-Lessened the explosion effect of the "Destroy Window" trap so it doesn't completely slaughter anyone near the window
-Decreased the height of some of the box pyramids that players were able to jump over without the use of a crate
-Raised the ground and added a wooden board ramp at the red house porch to allow zombies to access it easier
-Made the "Start Fire" trap reusable
-Fixed more hill-edge exploits, hopefully all of them are fixed now
-Relocated all of the explosive barrels in the red house into the lit room so players will notice them, however the wooden crates will still remain in the dark room
-Increased the cost of the "Destroy Window" trap to 250 up from 200
-Decreased the cost of the "Destroy Door" trap to 500 down from 700
-Decreased the cost of the "Destroy Wall" trap to 250 down from 300
-Added a trigger_blockspotcreate to the upstairs of the house


-Put clip brushes above the garage doors, the house's highest roof, and the trees in front of the house to prevent players from hiding up there after the "Destroy Window" trap is used
-The three minute defense timer after the gas can is returned now displays alerts when one minute is remaining and when thirty seconds are remaing
-Added an explosive barrel behind the wooden tower
-Added more detail to the fences and the stone wall surrounding the house


Place the .bsp and .txt in your \valve\steam\steamapps\SourceMods\zombie_master\maps\ folder.

Map made by: Tysn

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