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Half-Life 2 - Zombie Master
TITLE**: zm_silo custom multiplayer map for Zombie Master HL2 mod
AUTHOR**: [SB] Wesori

FILENAME: zm_silo.bsp + zm_silo.txt
FILESIZE: 3,716 kb
DATE RELEASED: November 07, 2007

CREDITS**: Map created by [SB] Wesori with tips from valve develper community forums.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Extract into the Zombie Master maps folder along with the zm_silo text document.

DESCRIPTION**: This is an objective based custom map for the HL2 mod Zombie master. The map is set in
an old missle silo where most of the electrical power has failed. Survivers must complete objectives
in order to escape.

BUGS/COMMENTS: To report a bug, make a suggestion or just comment on the map, please Email me at

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