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version 1.1
Framerate loss
Some Displacement bugs

Extract maps and materials folder to your "Steam\steamapps\'username'\portal\portal

Open the console and type "map pappy_portal_01"
To enable Portal console you must type "-console" in the launch options.

You wake and you notice everything is broken.
- Puzzles are Average and easy, but no hard ones.
- To play with broken ceiling, just fire one portal under them and second one somewhere wall.

If you find any bugs or need help just PM in or E-mail in

About me:
I've been mapper four years, but I haven't released any maps I've done, because they either sucked or
unfinished. Every time I tell about my upcoming map in school, my friends just laugh their ass off.
But now! I released my first Portal map.
I'm happy now and I hope you enjoy my average challenging map.
Sorry about my horrible English.


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