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Thanks for testing my beta map. :)


1/ copy the folder,
half-life 2 deathmatch

2/ navigate to this folder

program files/steam/steamapps/YOUR_USER_NAME/

3/ Click paste, It WILL ask you to overwrite, tihs is fine.

play it online here---

i have added a link to my testing server where you can find custom maps. if you wish to remover
this link simply delete this file
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\pigpopper\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\resource\GAMEMENU

any problems check me at either
or PM me at

Pig Out!!

BUGS: although there seems to be 2 camera, there is in fact only 1.

COMMENTS: A big shout out to all the pigs that helped play test this map

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