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Title : dm_narnia_hunting_grounds_V5
Version : 5
Release Date : January 31st, 2008
File(s)name(s) : dm_narnia_hunting_grounds_V5.bsp
Construction Time: : 1 month
Author(s) : Brad "Redclaw" Tempchin
Email Address :
Type : Deathmatch
Custom Textures : Yes
Custom Sounds : Yes
Custom Soundscape : Yes
Custom Models : Yes

By way of introduction, I am "Redclaw" and I have spent the last 4 years mapping for AVP2. I also served as a map reviewer for PlanetAVP.
About 4 months ago I jumped in the Half Life 2 arena feet first. It's been a total blastand I love the HL2 world. Hammer is a great
level designer compared to what I had to work with in the AVP2 world. If you play AVP2 and would like to check out those maps too then please
email me. This is my second offically released map.

dm_narnia_hunting_grounds_V5 "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" is a winter map based on C.S. Lewis' book and the recent movie released in 2007.
You will find the map full of fun suprises and it is a challenging hunting map. It comes complete with the wardrobe, stone table, Mr. Tumnus'
home, the lamp, and many more fun things. It is set to the background of a cold winter morning in Narnia. As always with my maps, there
is a secret room for you to try to find. So good luck and happy hunting.


Unzip the file dm_narnia_hunting_grounds_V5.bsp into :
Steam\Steamapps\<>\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps\

My Thanks

Support: "Stene" for his help with ice effects and letting me look at his great map "gm_winterforest".
As well as his amazing winter models used in this map.
"Cheroke" for the use of his models as well.

Testors: My thanks to "Boshed" for helping me test out this map and for his feedback.

Map Inspiration: C.S. Lewis and all his wonderfull books. The Narnia Movie from 2007. Stene and his amazing gm_winterforest map.

Other: To the folks at Valve for making Half Life 2.

HL2 Deathmatch Maps by Redclaw:


Other Notes:

Please feel free to email me ( with suggestions and bugs you might find in my maps.

I run a dedicated server called "Redclaws Dedicated HL2 Server", please come join anytime.

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