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How to Install:
Place all folders in the following directory:

Valve/Steam/SteamApps/usernameXXX/half-life 2/hl2/

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The High Quality Version designed with high end computers in mind:
mirror 1:
mirror 2:

The Low Quality Version designed with lower end computers in mind.:
mirror 1:

Its running so slow and laggy!

First which version did you download?

If you downloaded High Quality version even though your computer is top of the line you may need to deactivate some things which bottleneck the fps on this map.

The first is AA. If you want to enjoy this map I strongly advise disabling AA if your fps is low. If this doesnt help then you need to just download the low quality version.

The difference between the two is that in the high quality there are more antlion ragdolls allowed than in the low quality version.

OMG! It is so Hard

You did not expect it to be a walk in the park did you?

You need to setup your turrets very tactically. The key to winning is making sure that the turrets do not fall. Once one falls its like a chain reaction and the turrets start dropping like flies.

Some tips on turret placement are:
1) Defend your comrades on the bunker gun at all costs. This means providing effective turret cover.

2)There are a couple spots where it is extremely difficult for antlions to knock the turrets down. Use them to your advantage.

3) Make sure your turrets are covering each other as well. Dont have one turret all alone with no turrets that are covering its back or sides.

4) While you may think to keep a turrret in your hand. This is a bad idea. The more firepower that can be used at once, the better the chance you wil survive.

A few other tips are:
1) If the base seems overrunned its best to get the hell out of there as you'll more than likely get surrounded and murdered.

2)There are 2 health vials use them effectively.

3) Don't forget to get ammo as needed from the ammo crate. Running out of ammo at the wrong time can be deadly.

Anyways I hope you enjoy.

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