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Title : dm_overwatch_winter_storm_v1;
Version : 1
Release Date : December, 2008
File(s)name(s) : dm_overwatch_winter_storm_v1.bsp;
Build Time : 3 Weeks to retro-fit
Author(s) : Brad "Redclaw" Tempchin
Email Address :
Website: :
Map Downloads :;27127
My HL2 Server IP:
Type : Deathmatch
Custom Textures : Yes
Custom Sounds : No
Custom Models : Yes
Custom Skybox : No


By way of introduction, I am "Redclaw" and I have spent the last 4 years mapping for AVP2. I also served as a map reviewer and staff membmer
for for PlanetAVP. About a year ago I jumped in the Half Life 2 and CounterStrike: Source arena feet first. It's been a total blast and I love the HL2 world.
If you play AVP2 and would like to check out those maps please PM me.


A new darker and snowbound look for the classic map "dm_overwatch" by Valve.

New features and looks include:

-snowfall with piles of snow around the map
-a few more strategically placed pickups and spawn points.
-several new buildings are now accessible, controlling the central building will be a lot
more challenging.
-a soda machine that dispenses slams!
-several new areas to explore.
-adjustments on prop models to make them less heavy on the server.
-new soundscape system to give you new ambient sounds in the map.
-many new strategic hidding places.
-removed specularity on several textures around the map.
-added a hidden room.
-map performance optimization to increase FPS in certain areas.
-easter eggs.


Unzip the files dm_overwatch_winter_storm_v1.bsp:
SteamSteamapps<>half-life 2 deathmatchhl2mpmaps


Changing the map name from "dm_overwatch_winter_storm_v1.bsp" to anything else will cause
all the special visual effects (specularity) to stop working as the cubemaps have been compiled
for this map filename only. Basically the map will look like crap if you change it's name.

Credits and Thanks:

To : Trauma Studios and Model porting by Illkid of the Hummer and M2A3 vehicles. Custom Skin for the M2A3 by Redclaw.
To : Boshed for online tech support!
To : Valve for making this really cool game and to the HL2 mappers at Valve for creating dm_overwatch.

Other: To the folks at Valve for making Half Life 2.

HL2 Deathmatch Maps:


Other Notes:

*I have added info_nodes around the map for people who wish to play this map in GarrysMod.*

This map was heavily tested with Bots and it performed very well. The Bots were very sneaky!

Please feel free to email me ( with suggestions and bugs you might find in my maps.

I run a dedicated server called "Redclaws Dedicated HL2 Server", please come join anytime.


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

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