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Entity Hunter is a competitive target range shooting game where the object is to be the best player at shooting what else…Entities. Those entities can range from crows, to pigeons, even to flying toilets. If it can be spawned in HL2 you can shoot at it.
The game is designed for no more than 12 players at a time and is a sure fire way to waste a whole lot of time.

The game came about because my three year old son loves to play Half-Life 2. I was not entirely comfortable with the level of violence in the game or most of the mods so I decided to create a couple of maps where he could just shoot at random objects. Those maps spawned into an entire mod.

The great thing about the game is that it is almost entirely map based. The amount of ammo you received is determined by the map itself. By using logic_timers everything is randomized so it is a different experience every time you play the map.

Although npc_birds follow certain paths you never know when they might spawn. The melon and barrel launchers are also randomly timed so you never know when they might spawn.

The game is not designed to be taken seriously and I hope people get into the sheer competitiveness of playing against other people.

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