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Here is the 2.1 Patch for the Eternal Silence Beta. Here is the changelog:

[FIX] - Fixed loophole in victory conditions which one server found (and it sucked).
[FIX] - Allowed friendly fire on ships in the hangar regardless of friendly fire setting to stop griefers from stopping spawns.
[FIX] - Better volume check on ship spawns.
[FIX] - Fixed controls getting locked after server hitch in hangar.
[FIX] - es_aethra hangar hole fixed.
[ADD] - Added Medic Class to the lineup. Uses the Carbine. Unstackable healing aura
[ADD] - Guns with no secondary now zoom when secondary is clicked. For ease of use.
[ADD] - sv_reqpool variable: Sets a multiplier for the requisition pool of each team, to control game length.
[ADD] - Added space spotlights to es_asteroid.
[ADD] - More focused es_asteroid scenario with external subsystems
[ADD] - Use keys 1 to 6 to switch seats in gunship, must be bound

We have tried to minimize the teleport bugs are much as possible, but we won't be able to fully resolve the issue until the physics and teleport code is rewritten (coming in 2.2). Also note that people who have modified their configs will need to bind seats 1 to 6 MANUALLY on the controls dialog.

Note: Source SDK Base and Half-Life 2 are required to play Eternal Silence. Also, the Beta 2.0 Client is required for this download.

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