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This patch will patch from v1.0.x to v1.0.7, no other patches are required, just the main client or an older version.


*AFK system, players afk for 60+ secs will stop receiving resources
*A key binding for "giveres 10" in options


*When all capture points are captued on DOM map the round now ends
*Plants give less point now (3 for upgrade and 1 for all the other plants)
* Termite buy menu, swapped the coprinus with the magic mushroom's slot and cost
* mp_votemap_round var changed to mp_max_rounds


*Rare crash in spectator
* Cactus / Geastrum shooting through walls
* Resources / Upgrades planst being hard to build
* Roll angle in spectator view not reseting
* Votemap bug where it couldn't work with more then 2 consecutive votes
* Scoreboard map name being sometimes overlapped with older map name

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