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This public beta mod is a conversion of Half-Life 2 into a multiplayer arcade style racing game (ala Mario Kart, Wacky wheels, etc) using the airboats from single player.

What's new:
- Powerup system
- Jump powerup
- Nitro powerup
- Shockwave powerup
- sr_city, sr_spillway, sr_waste
- sr_turtlebeach has been completely reworked
- Menu music
- Custom sound effects
- Linux support

1. Installation: Unzip the provided file into "Steam -> SteamApps -> SourceMods" dir. You can then run “SourceRacer” from the Third Party Games section in the Steam menu.

2. Console commands:
race_laps 3 <- Set the number of laps each race is.
race_warmuptime 40 <- How long warmup lasts
race_finishtime 60 <- The time limit on a race after the first player has finished.
race_maxraces 3 <- The number of races until the map changes.

3. How the race progresses:
The server starts a map, and the warmup time begins, giving players a chance to connect before the first race starts. Once warmup ends, the players are moved to the starting line and a 5 second countdown begins, after which the players are allowed to move and the race begins. Once the first player has finished, the ‘finish timer’ starts counting down. The race will automatically end once the finish timer is done (or if all players complete the race), at which point scores will be tabulated and a new warmup period begins. If at any time a player joins in the middle of the race, he is placed on the starting line on the same lap as the player in last position.

5. Credits:

Stefan Lednicky: Coder, Designer, Original Idea

BeefofAges: Mapper (sr_canyon, sr_mountain)
Sylink: Mapper (sr_turtlebeach)
Sheriff Lowbrow: Mapper (sr_mountain)

Nick Nicholls: Background Art

Mark "Basilisk" Diehr: Tester
Nils "Anable" Dougan: Tester

6. Contact

7. I'm always looking for talented and hard working artists, email me if you'd like to contribute.


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