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Author: Scott Baker

Bully: Source won an award at the BT Young Scientist 2009:
3rd Place Individual, Intermediate in the Technology Section.

Bully: Source is a computer game created for the BT Young Scientist 2009. In my project I have created a realistic mod that teaches students different aspects of bullying, and how they should deal with different cases. My mod also shows that computer games can help in other aspects of teaching such as learning how to keep your school tidy etc... Although I have spent three months on this project the game itself is only 5 minutes long. This is because Judges at the Young Scientist may not spend much longer looking at the game.

I have used this game as a learning curve to learn about the half life engine itself, and mainly aspects of Level Design that I have neglected in previous maps, such as I/O triggering, Screen overlays, Game_Ui's and some areas of lighting.

Although this game is due to be released the day of the Exibition, I plan on further evolving this project after the exibition itself. I have used most of the models of characters and props from the original Half-Life 2 game, As you can see Alyx, Mossman, and Kleiner appear in the game, only with cleaner skins. I have tested 36 students with this game, and I have proven to have sucessfully thought them new aspects of bullying.

I've heard about SteamWorks, and doubt that this project would go through, but it is my ambition to be able to evolve this mod, and get modelers to model students etc.. So I can then present it to a wider audience, and schools across ireland.. (This is only my ambition of course).

If you wish to contact me, please do so by E-Mail at:

If you wish to contact me via MSN:

Thank you all for having some intrest!
Scott Baker.

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