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Author: Race Away

Varion is a total conversion using source engine (epi 1). Varion was a big success with the release of 0.5 "the demo" and many people downloading the mod and enjoying it. As the servers decided to not work due to some issues with the mod code. This is now fixed in version 1.0 which will be out soon. We couldn't get many people to keep playing "Varion" as they couldn't make listen or ded servers. Earth is being destroyed by the recent freak attacks due to global warming. "Varion" was then used as a backup planet and was being built on with big domes for civilization to live on. Now the planet is running out of natural resources and the only way to survive is to fight so now you have to fight to survive and gain these natural resources. Our main goal for "Varion" is to make a fun, new and intresting game with the classical elements from games like quake and ut. We want to bring it back but with a new style to it.

- Brand New Graphics
- 5 Maps
- 5 Weapons
- 3 Gametypes
- Over 20 new gameplay changes
- Plus more (all features will be updated)....

"Joint Leadship" (all do many jobs)
- Kamikazi Uk (Project Manager)
- Nilghai (Modeller)
- Afan (Coder)
- Niels (Soundtracks)
- Gun>Raipper (Concept)

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