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Author: Agent Red Productions

ZombieMod: Source is an up-and-coming Half-Life 2: Deathmatch modification for the Orange Box engine. Currently, there are two different gamemodes: Infection and Survival. Two other gamemodes, Holdout and Escape, are still in development, though maps for both have already been released to the public.

In Infection, up to 32 survivors are spawned at the same time on the same team. After a certain amount of time, one of those survivors turns into a zombie. This player's mission is to "infect" all of the other players by slashing them apart with their zombie claws so that they may join his or her zombie horde. If all survivors are turned into a zombie before the survival time runs out, the zombies win the round. Conversely, if all of the zombies are killed before survival time runs out, survivors

In Survival, survivors spawn on a unique map, sometimes with several other friendly NPCs. Survivors must then try to, well, survive from waves of NPC zombie hordes until the survival time runs out. This gamemode is unique in that each map for this gamemode is very different.

In Holdout, a fairly new gamemode that is still in development, you fight against waves of NPC zombies just like in Survival. However, an important difference is that you must defend a certain position on the map from the zombies. Should they enter the "defense zone", survivors lose. If the survivors manage to prevent this from happening however before the survival time runs out, survivors win. While this gamemode is not perfect yet, it is playable, and we are still continuing to improve it with each release.

In Escape, a gamemode similar to Infection in that it also involves player-controlled zombies, the survivors must find a way out of a building, complex, or situation without being killed from a trap or being turned into a zombie. Conversely, it is the zombies' mission to prevent the survivors from escaping at all costs. This gamemode is also still in the developmental stages.

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