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Author: The Dryden/Winston Group

Modular Combat

Modular Combat is an Action-RPG for Half-Life 2! Kill other players or monsters to earn experience and gain levels. Use modules up enhance the capabilities of your HEV Mark VI Suit.

Your hazard suit has limitless possibilities for enhancement! You are able to cloak, create monsters to fight for you, or even teleport!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Downloads section and get the client to start playing! Invite your friends!

Remember to use the Modular Combat Wiki! It's loaded with all kinds of information on Modular Combat ranging from how to get started to how to host your very own server!

And if you have a few moments, take a look at our predecessor, Project Vortex for Quake 2!

Modular Combat v1.74 comes with 2 new maps, 2 new monsters, and large of of polish. Just be sure to delete your old "modularcombat" folder before installing this version!
*** IMPORTANT: Delete your old modularcombat" folder before installing this one! ***

Here is a full changelist, as per usual.

* Increased SMG1 damage from 5 to 8
* Added new "Game" tab where players can vote on gamemode and map
* Fixed bug where players could vote more than once
* Vote now only ends early if 75% of all players on the server agree
* Reduced soft pushaway effect on players. It should be now easier to pass through teammates
* Added more teleport blockers to dm_powerhouse, dm_resistance, and dm_runoff
* Fixed exploit where spectators would be able to use Plague and Mind Absorb
* Added "Hints" tooltips. Players will now be notified on how to deal with key gameplay elements (cl_showhints 0 will disable this behavior)
* Added maps: dm_cloudcity and dm_tech by MisterBlister
* Added default keybindings, reordering keybinding menu to make more userfriendly
* Added Steam icon and Windows icon (Vista compatible)
* Reordered mapcycle to add variety to the server
* Fixed ongoing bug with scoreboard not ordering the players by experience
* Added mainmenu background music by Evan Belman
* Added new Pistol and SMG1 sounds by Evan Belman

* Energy Ball: Reduced damage
* Freeze Bomb: Reduced duration on high level of freeze
* Minions: Default minion stance is now Balanced
* HEALD and ALL wallchargers will now cure you of Plague
* Made preparations for Turret module
* Attrition: Function change. Attrition will now also stop you from trying to reload
* MAGD: Renamed to Mag Mine. Mag Mine will now only trap players in it's line-of-sight (LOS)
* Mag Mine: Lowered health to 50 base + 5 per level
* Monsters now give experience based on their level and their type (Headcrabs and Man Hacks are worth less, Poison Zombies are worth more)
* Monster spawn frequency is now controlled through keyvalue files (check the PVM folder)
* Added Antlion Guard monster
* Added Rollermine monster
* Improved Antlion Guard's pathfinding and damage handling.
* Rollermines have health, and can only be damaged by explosives.
* Added new Antlion Guard spawning system - mappers and server owners can now choose where they want the Antlion Guards to spawn.
* Added rollermine_health_mode cvar (1 = damage from all souces, 2 = damage only from explosives and no health, 3 = damage only from explosives). Default: 3.

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