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Author: Campaignjunkie

Experimental semi-episodic short-form single player for Half-Life 2. Follows a semi-episodic release schedule: each "volume" is divided into three issues released over three weeks. The maps are packaged together because they're too small and short to release individually.

More Matter (vol. 1)
THEMES: The short story, play, and poem. First loves. California. Psychological repression. New Orleans. The racket that is couples counseling. Being young, being old. Gay marriage. Homeostasis. Government bureaucracy. Acoustic guitar, contemporary piano, and death metal.

1. June 2009 (Polaris)
2. July 2009 (Handle with Care)
3. July 2009 (Much Madness)

Second Space (vol. 2)
THEMES: Self-reflexivity, cerebral play, and the "second space" of our minds.

1. late 2009 (Being Adam Foster)
2. late 2009 (A Man's Home)
3. late 2009 (Little Boxes)

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