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Author: Realistic Ballistic Software

You will experience a level of bullet and damage realism never seen before in a FPS video game. Occupation implements a realistic combat environment where the bullets don't just penetrate and exit the target but also expand and fragment inside them causing the target not just to die but weaken, collapse and pass out. Occupation also creates an innovative approach to Multiplayer Gaming using ownership as the principal objective and controlled transport reinforcement as the principal means of respawning and also provides a Single/Coop player training mode pitting two HL2 AI run Factions against each other with you in the middle. If you like Realistic FPS's you should check out the beta, It will blow you away.

OccupationCS: Source uses the Counter-Strike Weapons and the HL2 projectile weapons (over 80 ammo types). It has its own installation from Occupation called OccupationCS. This is required in order to comply with copyright conditions. Owning HL2 and Counter-Strike: Source is required to play this version.
Introduction To The Game

The Citadel has fallen and now humanity must get back up. With the alien nemesis defeated the surviving rebel army attempts to reestablish the rule of law. Unable to agree on whether to continue the Black Mesa experiments or to outlaw all alien technology the rebel army fractures into two rival factions: The Alliance and the Coalition.

With the fall of the new alien enemy comes the return of the old enemy, ourselves.

Game Features

External and Terminal Ballistic Modeling:In Occupation Bullet behavior is based on real world physics. The bullets ability to move and penetrate depends on its physical characteristics such as energy, diameter, mass, shape and material composition to name a few. As bullets are projected through time and space their interaction with the world cause them to slow, drop, expand, fragment, deflect, lodge and obliterate during their short life. The end result is both amazing and terrifying and most importantly realistic.

Player Biometric ModelingHaving realistic projectiles with a simple tally damage system would have been pointless so Occupation implemented a health-damage system equal to that of the Ballistic Modeling. The Game uses a Composite health system that captures the complexity of the human bodies operation and most importantly its failure due to trauma.

The primary form of projectile damage to players and NPC's is caused by cavity damage. The extent of the cavity made by the projectile, the energy lost in making that cavity and the body parts the cavity passes through all are factors in the calculation of overall impact damage. The truly unique aspect of Occupation is that the cavity damage is not limited to a single hit location but can intersect many locations along the path of the projectile and can involve multiple entry and exit wound tracts. A summary injury report is available in-game (Body Status) and a complete breakdown of these injuries both sustained and inflicted is available after

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