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Author: Requiem Games

Ryan Finnely, a patient in the mental health clinic of Wichita, Kansas, spends his days in the country- he enjoys observing all types of nature, including anything from birds to plants. Finnely suffers from severe dementia, causing hallucinations to plague his mind. On July 6, 2056, when returning from a special trip to observe nature for a week, Finnely's brakes on his car give out, causing his vehicle to veer off the road. Upon waking up after the crash, Ryan discovers his aide is gone, and the only hope he has is the tent located on the premise. Little does he know, the campsite rests upon a military facility, decommissioned after nuclear testing was demolished between the United States and the Soviet Union near the end of the Cold War.


Scary atmosphere
Many side rooms to explore
Many interactive props
Low ammunition availability
Secret rooms and passages to find
Fight against Ryan's dementia and constant hallucinations

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