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Author: LFive

Frontiers is a conversion of HL2DM that offers the immersive experience of a migrant's journey into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. In carefully remodeled conflict zones and migration hotspots, the players compete in the dangerous struggle of refugees and borderguards. It is a multiplayer game for up to 16 players, where one party, that is mainly unarmed, is trying to either cross a specific area (border) or escape a raid situation. The other party, mostly security and military forces, can use all necessary force to prevent this. Weapons vary depend on the local conflict situation with the guard side always changing identity. After a specific amount of succesfull crossing, the refugees are advancing a step towards Europe. Guards get promoted for the succesfull arrest of refugees, kills are never being rewarded. In some levels, they might lead to a loss of points.

Barely sleep and 3d hallucinations. That's what the core development team of frontiers encountered during the last days. The good news: We could fulfill our promise and launch our first public & playable beta on time (1.5).

Starting today, we will continuously release new Levels - (Iraq, Turkey, Rotterdam, Ukraine, Ceuta, and Spain/Andalusia) all well-researched stations on the route of Refugees trying to reach Europe.
The First level - Sahara - is taking you deep into the African desert. Don't forget to view our little introduction on our website (Game->Download)

Thanks to everyone that worked so hard these last days!!!
And for you out there - we hope you like our approach - and stay tuned for the next level coming up soon: Spain/Ceuta

PS: There are known Issues, little Bugs like Team-Menu-flickering on some computers, missing Level-Intros (because of that) ... We apologize are working on removing those asap. If you experienced something strange while playing Frontiers, you're welcome to post it in our betatesting forum

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