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2.7.1 Latest Version Includes:

* AI now has cover and advancement capabilities with hugely improved target discrimination logic. All logic impasses have been fixed, cant tell the NPC's from the players anymore.
* AI Aim Tracking, longer they have a fix on a target more accurate they become, no more instant firing.

Classification: Realistic Ballistic and Impact Combat Simulation
Genre: Open Combat First Person Shooter
Play Types: Single and Coop Player (NPC AI) / Multi-player
Requirements: Source and Counter-Strike: Source

Game Features:
Hollywood Mode (default on): More energetic impacts and explosions, tougher Players, no Stamina Loss, Arms and Legs more resilient to damage, bigger impact effects more dramatic ballistics to name a few.
Coop Mode (default off) : Players VS AI, defaults all players to Coalition team, 50 Point weapon Rating Bonus
Weapon Rating System: No more Funds, all weapons/equipment are available based on the Player Weapon Rating, set by the Rank, Theater Escalation Level and Faction Wins
Active Zones: Only one enemy zone can be secured at one time, so First Faction to enter an Enemy Zone set it to active until they Secure it, Enemy Re secures it,90 Seconds with out an attackers presence or Damage lowers Control to Open
HUD Status: Auto HUD can be turned on/off by double tapping 'H' key. HUD can also be toggled on/off by pressing 'H' once

Objective: Theater Control
As Liberation

* Secure and Prevent destruction of All Entry Zones
* Secure and Prevent destruction of All HQ Zones
* Eliminate all in-theater Insurgent Forces

As Resistance

* Secure and/or Destroy All Entry Zones
* Secure and/or Destroy HQ Zones
* Eliminate all in-theater Occupation Forces

Bullets and Armor:
Bullets come in a variety of shapes, calibers and material compositions.

* FMJ - Full Metal Jacket: Low Expansion, Low Fragmentation, High Penetration
* JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point: Moderate Expansion, High Fragmentation, Moderate Penetration
* FMC - Full Metal Casing: Low Expansion, Moderate Fragmentation, Moderate to High Penetration
* HP - Hollow Point: High Expansion, Moderate Fragmentation, Low to Moderate Penetration
* JAP - Jacketed Armor Piercing: Low Expansion, High Fragmentation (obliterates), explosive penetration
* SP - Soft Point: High Expansion, High Fragmentation (obliterates) , Low Penetration, no ricochet
* BT - Boat Tail: adds to the round less wobble, good accuracy and range
* Ball - Ball Bearing Shape: low expansion and low fragmentation , very stable, greater accuracy and range, high ricochet


* CP - Copper: Soft, Medium Weight, high deformation
* AL - Aluminum: Pliable, Light Weight , moderate deformation
* AU - Steel: Hard, Medium Mass, low deformation
* DP - Depleted Uranium: Hard, Heavy Weight, no deformation

Bullets are projected over time, use external and internal pressure to determine flight paths, penetration and boring through solid objects (including you). They fly, enter, bore, exit, ricochet, lodge, drop and obliterate in and on all objects and surfaces in the game environment. The environment causes the expansion, fragmentation, slowing and deviation of all projectiles in the game creating a highly realistic combat effect.

Simply put armor will save your life. Armor specifications are made for each part of the body, front and back, and greatly increase a players survivability. Armor is a composition of material coverage and its thickness. Each armor part has an Integrity that is degraded by impacts. As the integrity of the part lessens so does the tensile and yield strengths allowing greater and greater penetration. Concentrating fire on a specific body part has the greatest chance of successfully breaching the armor. Bullets must pass through the armor before impacting the player. Armor also allows for the transfer of ballistic energy pressure from bullet deflections and lodges to the players body causing minor permanent damage. This transfer energy is relative to the type of impact sustained. Always get armor if you can.
Game Play Instructions

Pickup InstructionsPicking Up Weapons/Ammobag's:
in Occupation is done as you would do in real-life, with your hands. With Fists Active, Crouch near the item and Right Click as demonstrated in the Images on the right.

Requesting Treatment/Feigning Death

When a Player is in an Owned (Faction Designation Emblem in Top Left of Zone Popup)
HQ or Entry Zone, holding the "T" key down for 3 Seconds will send the player into recovery mode. The Player will holster the primary weapon and go limp at which time healing of specific wounds will begin. The current repair is displayed followed by a repair success percentage. Depending on severity of the injury and the level of control of the zone and type of zone, repair can fully succeed, partial succeed or fail. A player can interrupt healing at anytime by pressing the right mouse button. HQ zones offer Treatment and the Entry Zones offer Triage. Treatment is more rapid and has a better success rate than triage. Both can save your life.

When a Player is not in a zone holding the "T" key down for 3 Seconds will cause the player to Feign Death. They will drop primary weapon and fall as if they were hit. This can be at a distance a useful way of evading attackers.

Doubling Tapping the "T" Key will cause the player to take a ragdoll dive. The primary weapon will holster and the player will go limp moving at the same velocity as they were before the tap.

Resupply (in-game buy) Menu
To open a resupply menu the player must be in a Secured Entry Zone and press the "B" key. This will open the Resupply Buy Menu, graying out all weapons currently owned by the player(going to improve this). The Player can also buy new armor or repair their current armor (50% Cost). A Resupply Menu can only be opened every 2 Minutes. A heavily damaged Entry Zone may no longer support Resupply.

Ammobag InstructionsUsing Ammobag:
When a Player has an Ammobag on his back and is holding another one, the one on the players back is called the Storage bag, and the being held is called the Supply bag. The only difference is that the Middle Mouse Button will Transfer the Ammo from the Supply Bag into the Storage Bag instead of destroying it. See the image to the right for instructions.

Using Bandage bag:
All players spawn with a medical bandage bag with 150 Inches of bandages for field triage of themselves and fellow players/NPC's. Left Mouse Button Applies Bandages to self and right mouse button applies bandages to a player/npc in reach. When a Player receives Treatment/Triage the Bandage Bag is automatically replenished. Bandages slow bleeding and temporarily increase body health. Bandages that become saturated with blood must be reapplied.
Back Story:

The Citadel has fallen and now humanity must get back up. With the alien nemesis defeated the surviving rebel army attempts to reestablish the rule of law. Unable to agree on whether to continue the Black Mesa experiments or to outlaw all alien technology the rebel army fractures into two rival factions: The Alliance and the Coalition. With the fall of the new alien enemy comes the return of the old enemy, ourselves. WELCOME TO THE OCCUPATION

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