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SMOD Redux Version 9 is a modified SMOD Redux Version 8 by me.The
differences in this mod is that all models and textures are updated with
phong support and normal map, the normal maps are only updated, the
phongs are new.I added a lot more shinny, now I have included them in
most of textures, including also walls, floor and others, you MUST see
the changes, IF not, please excuse, but you are really blind.I've
REBUILT THE MODELS AND MATERIALS from ,,scratch,, I apologize that only
the sounds I took from SDK Base 2007.I hope you like it

1)Why you updates the game files, updating the engine has proven o be a lot easier.
Yes, is right, but I couldn't find any solution to make SMOD run on Base Source Engine 2, it always crashed.IF you can make it on Base Source Engine 2, please tell me how you did it, because I was unable to find a solution.
2)I have pink and black water reflections on chapter Black Mesa East:
Well...I don't know how to fix it, since not everybody gets the error, and I really don't know what the hell is causing the issue.IF you have found a solution, please tell me, I'd appreciate.

Yes, I know this is not the longest FAQ ever made, but yeah...I only tried, might be somehow useful, and It should be red before asking me something about what's in the FAQ,

Have fun, enjoy, and please report for bugs/errors, also if you have suggestions.

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