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Aftermath is a hl2 mod which involves the player killing waves of the undead with your friends or alone using weapons, your knife or even blow them up with grenades and set them alight with Molotov's.

Aftermath is point based and requires you to buy weapons and doors with points gained from killing zombies, new features at christmas include barriers which allow you to slow down zombies by blocking their path and zombie dismemberment were also adding leaderboards, experience and a donator system.

::Treyarch - models, materials and sounds.
::Patashik - Menu Sound
::Ellis :P - models
::Beat The Zombie - models
::Saul Rennison - shadow code
::Jason278 - Player Models
::Zira - Glock17
::Melombine - zombie models
::InebriatedSwan - Ammo & Nuke Models
::RattlyNewline - Hud Images
::MaSsKeeLeR - map ( harbor )
::BorF - Map ( condemmed )
::InebratedSwan - Map ( Colorado )
::Teh Snake - Interceptor T2

Maps ( added and future ):

Quarantine, Apocalypse, Napalm

Harbor, Condemmed, Dead end, Colorado

Note: harbor and condemned are finished and may be added but i don't want things to break just before deadline

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